2013 Projects

A running list of everything I’ve completed in 2013.

Two blocks as part of a group effort to create a quilt for a dear friend who suffered great loss.

Here’s the finished quilt:
Blogged here

One Madrona Road baby quilt
Blogged here

One entirely hand quilted quilt for the Man of the house

One Comma Dot baby quilt
Blogged here

One mini quilt for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap
Blogged here

One twin size quilt for James
James (2)

One twin size quilt for Madalynn
Madalynn (2)

One Indian Summer baby quilt
IndianSummerForSale (1)
Blogged here

One postage stamp quilt for Jon’s new addition Coral
Jon (2)

Two photo quilts for my friend’s family
Photo 1 (2)

Photo 2 (2)

One hand quilted quilt for me
Personal (2)

One quilt for my sister’s baby Giulia
Giulia (1)

More wallets than I care to count

Two pillow covers for my friend Alicia


One diaper clutch that was sold before I could ever even list to my shop 🙂

One carved initials wall hanging

One pink/green zip pouch
photo (4)

16+ Foxy Zip Pouches
photo (7)

Two orange/brown zip pouches

One Math Facts quilt for the Man of the house
Blogged here

Churn Dash Quilt for TaylorChurn Dash for Taylor

Blogged here

Suburbs Quilt

Suburbs Quilt

Blogged here

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