On to new things…

Today marks my first official day of blogging! I’m not sure if I have what it takes to become a consistent blogger but I’m certainly going to give it a shot. Writing isn’t my thing either, but I feel the need to share my quilts and other gift ideas somewhere and this is a great place.

My name is Sandra. I’m currently 25, in a long term relationship, have two gorgeous daughters, one furry companion of the canine variety, and have a passion for creating. I am based in small-town Florence, Colorado. It’s a beautiful historic area and I grew up nearby in Cañon City. Once I finished high school, I moved to nearby Colorado Springs for awhile, got married, moved to San Diego, and then moved back to Colorado (Grand Junction). I got divorced and a short time later, met Jake. He and I knew each other as kids but weren’t even what you’d call friends. We went our separate ways for many years and then reconnected in 2010. We have been together since. In 2012, we moved back to this area and we love it. While small, it’s a great, safe place to raise kids, and experience true Colorado just outside the front door.

I began creating seriously in 2011, shortly before my second child was born. I started very simply with a crib bedding set and blankets. I initially made a duvet cover of sorts for a small blanket and it was my first go at quilting. Since then, I have made dozens of dresses and skirts for my girls. I’ve tried my hand at making things for myself and it just wasn’t so great. It’s hard! So I moved on to making a crib or baby size quilt for my youngest. It took me about 8 months and was completely made of hexagons. I finished that quilt shortly before Tater (my youngest, and not her real name) turned one and loved it. She now carries that ‘blanket’ everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

After that, I made another quilt, twin size, for my oldest, Bug, and she uses it on her bed. I still love this quilt so much and it’s my personal favorite.

I was hooked. I love quilting. It’s much more gratifying than children’s clothing, and it can’t be outgrown (mostly). It is such a labor intensive gift but ultimately so worth it. I am now in the very, very beginning stages of seeing up an Etsy shop, and blogging, and learning how to photograph my items, and add photos here. I have so much to learn! As soon as I get more accustomed to the in’s and outs of WordPress and Etsy, you’ll see a photo overload of my past and previous works, current inspirations and future products.

In the mean time, feel free to follow my blog and stay tuned for exciting new updates!


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