New Custom Options Coming Soon!

So, I have been thinking, and listening to you all, and trying to find a way to please everyone. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am only one person and can’t have 100 pre-made wallets or other gifts for you to choose from at this time, nor do I have the funds to do so. However, I can, and will show you where I get my fabric so that you may browse on your own, pick your favorites and let me know.

First up, my local favorite! This source for fabric will not add time to your custom order as I can get pick it myself instead of waiting on shipping. Fresh Squeezed Fabrics is owned by the lovely Randi, and she’s awesome. She has a great selection, and is a pleasure to work with! Check out her shop for some great finds! You can also check out her blog, too, if you want!

Next up, another rather local source, Pink Door Fabrics is a few hours away, but has an amazing selection of 100% organic cotton! Here’s the link to her shop.

I also really love Moona fabrics. Great selection, fast service, competitive prices!

Finally, I also really like Pink Chalk Fabrics, Pink Castle Fabrics, and Southern Fabric.

All of these companies, I have personally ordered from and enjoy. They have vastly different selections, and great customer service. If you find something you like, let me know. I’d be happy to make a wallet out of it for you. You pick what you like, we’ll work together to get an accurate photo of the colors and we’ll work together to pick an interior fabric as well, or I can pick a coordinating fabric from the same line.

I don’t want this to be difficult, for you or for me. I want to give you a product you’ll fully enjoy, and I don’t want either of us to stress over it. While I am building up my Etsy shop supply, we can try this route. I do ask for two to three weeks on custom orders, because I do have to order the fabric and that can take up to 10 business days. On wallet orders that have Organic Cotton, the price will be $43. The Organic Cotton does cost more, and is such a beautiful and soft quality.


Here is a very small selection of what Fresh Squeezed Fabrics has to offer!


And here’s a rather tiny sampling of what Pink Door Fabrics has to offer.

So, let me know what you think? Will this work out for you while I slowly build my shop supply? Will this be a better option for getting what you want?

PS I’m also considering offering a Men’s wallet soon (working on a pattern now) and a Diaper Clutch with/without a changing pad (note: these will not work for cloth diapers).

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