Custom Have It All Wallets are Available!

Custom Listing_Generic


I’ve added a listing to Etsy, for the custom wallets, which means you search for a fabric you want, and I help you find coordinates, or you do, and I’ll order the fabric, make the wallet, and ship to you. I do ask for 3 week turnaround on these as I don’t stock these fabrics, and I will have to order them. On the Etsy listing, you have the option of upgrading to Organic Cotton or Linen Blend if you’d like, so if you find an awesome print by Birch Fabrics for example, it’s an Organic Cotton, so you’ll choose that at checkout. 🙂

Simple! This way, I have time to build a stash of fabric, and wallets that are ready to ship, and for a limited time, you’ll get to choose your own! If you’d like help choosing, I am available to help. Contact me via Etsy or my email, listed on the About Page link above.

I am so excited to offer this and remember, the 10% coupon is available until the end of the month! Use code {newshop10} at checkout!

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