Show and Tell Tuesday

I’ve been so so so busy the last few days, but not on my shop items. Life has definitely taken over and will be slightly overwhelming for the next few weeks. Bug goes back to school, Jake has a crazy work schedule coming up, and Tater and I have a lot around the house to keep up with.

I have added another wallet to Etsy, similar to one that sold. I’ve been testing out different interfacings to come up with a great combination to make the wallets durable, flexible, and sturdy. I think I’ve got it down! I’m also scouring the web searching for fabric combinations to offer you all.






I’ve also spent some time trying to figure out a simple men’s wallet. I’ll be working on that today and trying out a prototype tonight, I hope. It’s a slow process, and very technical, which doesn’t mix well with kids. 🙂 We’ll see if it turns out!


I can’t wait to get back to quilting though, it’s rather calming for me. I am trying out a new technique that I’ve never done before, and I sure hope it turns out alright!


Its applique rather than piecing, and I love the colors! What do you think?


Here’s a little project I can’t wait to do for myself! I’ve read some other blogger’s posts about it and hear it’s kind of a pain, and slightly expensive to make, so I’m going to take my time collecting what’s needed and get to it when I get to it! Hopefully sooner rather than later though.

Don’t forget, the coupon code for Etsy is {newshop10} and valid until August 31st, 2013, and if you’re local, check out my favorite shop, Floyd+Finch here in Florence, CO!


Linking up to Show and Tell Tuesday.

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