What I’m up to…

Do you ever have those days where you’re running on autopilot? That’s my life lately.

photo 4(1)

The last few days have been a bit crazy. I started working on some new cushion covers for a friend’s window seats. The place I got the fabric from only had 7 yards so I get to track down more and go pick it up. Frustrating to say the least. They’re coming along nicely though.

I also started working on a new quilt for the shop and for Floyd+Finch. I’m using Comma by Zen Chic for this little baby size quilt, and I omitted the green and orange colors to keep it more neutral. I used Bigger Perfect Circles to create the circles for the quilt and then I sewed them on to the top. I’m using Kona Bone as the background. This is my first time doing applique and so far, I love it.


I used a Frixion pen to mark my circles first. I’m not good at just freehanding it. It irons off when I’m done and makes it so easy!


I have to say, this is the most time-consuming quilting I think I’ve ever done, and the most challenging. I’m particular to straight line quilting when given a choice but I really felt this would emphasize the quilt even more.


Three hours later, this is all I achieved. My hands cramped severely, my shoulders were sore, and I was cranky, so I called it a night. It’s really better to quilt slowly and take your time and plenty of breaks, than to rush through something and make mistakes or have it look awful. I think today I’ll even take the day off (I say that now, but I’ll probably change my mind.)


Lastly, the more I figure out my Husqvarna Viking Eden Rose, the more I absolutely love it. It makes my job so much easier! I am much more efficient than before and I struggle a lot less. Woohoo!

15 thoughts on “What I’m up to…

  1. Paula says:

    The quilting might be time consuming but it is well worth it. What you have done already looks amazing and your quilt is going to be stunning when finished.

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