Work in Progress

So… I realize it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. I have been busy though!

Jake was home for a week so we spent time together as a family and ran bunch of errands and finished off the weekend with a nice picnic at the park. It ended in us being covered in bug bites, but it was nice none the less.


I got an order for a custom King size quilt and have been collecting fabric for that, and I also started a custom item that will be in my shop.


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fabrics I’ll be using on the new quilt. It’s going to be beautiful. I have a few more to order and then I can get started. We’ll be doing a chevron pattern and this quilt will finish out at 117″ x 117″ and definitely the largest quilt I’ve done to date. The picture below shows what the backing will be. Very calming and soothing.


I’ve started a custom item for the shop, which will come in a few sizes: pillow cover (16″x16″), wall hanging (32″x38″), and throw (50″x65″ roughly). It’s got some gorgeous wood grain fabric and beautiful sparrows for the back. I’ll have other options for fabric as well, and I’m still narrowing those down before I list it. It will have a heart on it with initials or first initials, last name plus a date that is important to you. It could be the day you started dating, your wedding, a fifth anniversary. You decide. I’ll have a few font options as well.



And last but not least, this little quilt will finally be listed on Etsy. It measures roughly 35″x35″ and is full of texture and color. I am sad to see this go, but hoping a new family will enjoy it.


Have a lovely week! I’ll post again later this week when the custom quilt is ready to go!



11 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Joanie says:

    Lovely fabrics! It will make up quite lovely. I have used the one fabric that has the fine lines crisscrossing. Your children are soo cute too! Wishing you the best on making that king size quilt!

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