I’m seeing a lot of orange lately…

Wow, busy busy busy week! I finally finished up my mini quilt for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap, and I’m in love. I sort of want to keep it, but I’m truly hoping my partner loves it. I need to work up a few more things to send off with it, and can’t wait til it arrives. Here’s the final picture! I can’t show the back because there’s a label which has my partner’s name on it.. this is a secret swap.



After I finished this, I started up on a quilt for Jake that I began months ago, but never got anywhere with. I had to order the remaining fabric, since I changed it at the last minute. The pattern originally called for six different orange fabrics, but after ordering those online, I hated five of them. I kept them for future projects and went online and ordered 5 yards of Timeless Treasures Sketch in Nectar. Great color! I ordered some Waterfront Park for the back, and I still need to order something for the binding, but haven’t settled on what.


It came in a few days ago, and now it’s all cut up. That ^^^ is 144 orange triangles, 252 2.5″ orange squares, 72 1.75″x9″ orange rectangles, 72 1.75″x6″ orange rectangles, 63 2.5″x6.5″ black rectangles, and 126 2.5″ black squares. Pheww, that was a LOT of cutting, and realistically only took about two hours total, but felt like it took a million hours.


Two nights later, I had 32 Plus blocks done, and 1 X block done. Tonight I’m going to try to crank out a good portion of the X blocks so I can move on… I am hoping to have this quilt done by the end of the month so that I can start on a quilt for Tater Tot using Waterfront Park and some quilter’s linen in Platinum. Can’t wait! I also plan to work on some more items for the shop here and there, but until things sell, I don’t intend to add too much. Christmas is coming after all. Gotta curb my spending to help Santa out around here. 😉


And off I go… Have a lovely week!

10 thoughts on “I’m seeing a lot of orange lately…

  1. Joanie says:

    Can’t wait to see the end results of the x and + quilt. Love your fabric choices. Orange has been appearing in my sewing/quilting studio lately! It typically hasn’t been a choice of mine but this year I am loving it! Great finish on your mini quilt!

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