A quilt for the man…

Several months ago, I started a quilt for the man of the house. By started, I mean I did two blocks. Of 63. So as you can see, I got real far.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I decided to finally get this orange beast finished. I ordered the rest of the fabric I needed. I cut and cut and cut. I pieced and then pieced some more. And then whoa, the top was done. Why did I wait so long? I’m not sure.


Then it was time for basting, and from the above picture, you can see how well that went. I dread basting. Mostly because I have to completely remove all furniture from my kitchen and then I get the joy of sweeping, and mopping and making sure it’s good and clean. Obviously the smaller members of the family don’t care for all the hard work I put in. They prefer laying around. šŸ˜‰


I sat down to quilt expecting it to take days, and low and behold, it took a mere four hours, total. Shocking! I was so happy! Then I hemmed and hawed about what to use for binding, posted a pic on Instagram for others’ perspectives, and waited. Several people suggested aqua. It sounded good. It might have looked good. But ultimately I used the black and white birds that I used for the back. It needed to be a strong color to tie into the quilt and it’s for the man anyway. He didn’t care for aqua.


I hate binding. I don’t mind making the strips, I don’t mind sewing them on to the front of the quilt, but I really hate hand sewing and I really like the look of hand sewn binding. See my dilemma? Plus the cat and Tater weren’t particularly helpful while I was hand sewing binding for 8 agonizing hours.

Oh well, all the groaning and moaning and pain is so worth the end product! I love this quilt, in all it’s orange glory. It’s gorgeous. The Man comes home today so I’m hoping to wrangle him out of the house to get some pictures this weekend. I’ll be sure to show you the final reveal!


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