Pillow Talk Swap {Holiday Edition}

I joined an online swap for the holidays this year, and was so excited to get started on this pillow cover.


I challenged myself using raw edge appliqué and choosing colors and a design that appealed to my partner. I landed on some retro combination of aqua, red and pink. Even the design sort of felt retro when I was done. My partner mentioned she liked several blues, lime greens, magenta. red and orange. I hope she likes this.


After everything was fused and stitched down, I did pebble quilting in the background to give the pillow some texture. I had to turn off my overhead light to get this picture (above) so you could clearly see the texture. I’m in love with how this turned out. I had a million problems with free motion quilting prior to this and after two trips to different quilts shops and many questions to my online friends, I figured out the problems and promptly fixed them.




I even added some hand stitching around the motif and it seems to help it pop and added additional texture. What do you think?

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