A Quilt for Taylor

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve really posted much. However, I have been busy creating. I finally finished up Taylor’s quilt (which will be a Christmas gift) and I finally got photos to show you!

Churn Dash for Taylor

This was done in a Churn Dash style, using Waterfront Park by Violet Craft. I also used Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen for the background gray to add some depth and Kona in Cerise for the cornerstones and border. I felt that white, with a toddler, was not the best idea.

Churn Dash for Taylor

I really, really, really love how this quilt turned out. It’s my first quilt not using a pattern and just going off ideas I had, and hoping it all worked out. This one finished out at about 65″ wide, by 90″ tall, so it’s perfect for my toddler’s twin size bed.

Churn Dash for Taylor

I had initially planned to quilt this on my Husqvarna Viking, but at the last minute, a good friend offered for me to borrow her Baby Lock longarm machine. I was so hesitant as I’ve never used a longarm, but really, I wanted this quilt done with time to spare. I had done a matching pillow sham with hand embroidered name and that took me just under 4 hours. So I decided to go with the longarm, and after finally setting up a date and time that worked for us both, I met up at her house a few days ago. She was an incredible instructor, and I felt like I had the confidence and ability to pull this off. So after the first hour of pinning to the leaders, showing me how it all worked, etc, I was on my own. I have to brag here- this quilt, the WHOLE quilt, was done in under 4 hours! I was shocked. It’s not perfect; some of my paisley’s overlap and others are crooked, but you know what? My toddler doesn’t notice. Neither did anyone else in my house. So I won’t overstress it. I am in love with how this turned out, and even more, the toddler loves it, too.

Churn Dash for Taylor

Churn Dash for Taylor

Churn Dash for Taylor

Churn Dash for Taylor

Quilt Stats
Final Size | 90″ x 65″
Fabric | Waterfront Park by Violet Craft, Kona in Cerise, Quilter’s Linen in Platinum
Piecing Thread | Aurifil in White 2024
Quilting Thread | Guttermann in White
Churn Dash for Taylor

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