Goals for 2014

In the new year, I have a few things I’d like to cross off my list. Here goes!

  • King size quilt for my bed. Colors still need to be decided on and I am leaning toward Cosmic by Traceyjay Quilts, although that’s not set in stone yet. I also really like her Roundhouse pattern!
  • Three to five throw-size quilts for my shop, as well as Floyd + Finch.
  • A new variety of offerings in my Etsy shop
  • A pair of curtains for my sewing room, as well as the kitchen.
  • A few throw pillows for around the house, and maybe a mini quilt up on the wall. I’d like to do more paper piecing or slightly more involved patterns.

My favorite quilt this year, was hands-down, Taylor’s Churn Dash. It was a great experience for me and I love it so much! I pretty much swoon every time I walk into my kids’ room, seeing their handmade bedspreads. It’s a lovely sight and I’m quite proud of how my skills have changed and improved over the last year.

Churn Dash for Taylor

I am linking up with Andrea of The Champ Life, and you should, too! Get your list of goals together for next year!

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