A little of this and that…

I finally felt better after having four wisdom teeth pulled and a few issues and severe pain later, I got it all taken care of and was able to get back to work!

I signed up for the Handmade Birthday Club on Flickr, and every month there is a birthday, we send the birthday gal a handmade gift and some other little goodies to celebrate! There were three birthdays in February, so I had a lot to do, especially since I also have four current huge Etsy orders as well as the do.Good stitches to quilt and ship off next month, too.


This was a zip pouch I did for one of the ladies. It’s getting mailed off this week, but I have to point out, that the paper piecing on this is measures 3.5″ square! It’s so tiny! This was a very satisfying project to do though!


This one became a mini quilt with a wood grain backing. I really like how it turned out and hope the recipient does as well!


Last, but not least, I didn’t get a final picture of this before I mailed it, oops, but it became a 20″ square pillow cover sent with a bit of chocolate of course!


After those were completed, I really sat down and cranked out the glam clam quilt I’ve been working on for the last four weeks. I need improvement for sure, but I’m happy with it. Now I just need to decide on a backing!


I really love the mix of low volumes and the simplicity of this. I am leaning toward something bright and colorful for the back, but I’m not sure that is the right path to go. I’ll have to sleep on it for a few days. Feel free to shoot me some ideas and samples!


I also ordered this bundle (20 1/2 yards) for a quilt for my bed. I won’t have time in the immediate future to do anything with it, but later this year, it’s on! It’s called Sweet as Honey for Art Gallery Fabrics. I can’t wait for it to arrive, however the USPS has seemed to have lost it in transit or just felt like holding it a few extra days and I have not gotten my hands on it yet. I’m really disappointed with USPS lately, which is unfortunate. Anyone else having any issues? I know I can’t be the only one!

Anyways, off to take the dog to the vet, and finish watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 with the family. Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “A little of this and that…

  1. Tiffany says:

    Wow, wisdom teeth – ick. Glad you are feeling better!
    I love the little pouch and the Glam Clam quilt. Personally, I think you should go with bright colors on the back. 🙂

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