Custom Quilt done and mailed!

I have to say, when I first started quilting, I never envisioned sewing for others, and especially selling. It just sort of evolved that way. I figured I’d quilt for us but then quickly realized I had too many quilt ideas and not enough beds or couch space to store them. I don’t want to have so many quilts that I just leave them folded and abandoned in a nearby closet. That’s not why I quilt. So I think that’s where selling came along. I really wanted to share this with other people. That is where the joy lies for me. I don’t nearly charge what is ‘fair’ or ‘standard’ as I don’t feel it’s right for me, yet. I may, in the future, rework my pricing and get it where it needs to be, but for now, I’m more excited to share my skills and crafts with the world!

Just in the last couple weeks, I’ve had two orders for my custom carved tree quilts. Both were upgraded from the standard wallhanging size to a small throw size of 44″ x 50″ and both are very different. After a few mishaps on my part while ordering fabric, I finally got all the correct stuff in, and began on the first order. I still have one to go, and will post that once it’s done. Here’s the one I just finished up for Haley. I loved the colors she picked out, and the groom is a sheriff deputy so it’s perfect!

Custom for Haley
Of course, I had my assistant Logan helping me.

Custom for Haley

This dark blue we used, Free Spirit Solids in Admiral, was hard for my camera to read correctly. It was pretty much an exact match to the thread I used to hand embroider the initials and date, but somehow the camera threw a fit and refused to capture the color accurately.

Custom for Haley

Custom for Haley

Custom for Haley

Quilt Details:
Size | 45″ x 53″
Fabrics Used | Cotton Couture Solids in Mud and Khaki, Free Spirit Designer Solid in Admiral
Quilted | Free Motion Quilting in woodgrain pattern with Aurifil 30 wt in coordinating brown

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