do.Good Stitches | January quilt

January was a busy month! A whirlwhind of adventure, work, and life… but we survived! As a member of do.Good stitches, I had to choose the block and color scheme. I went with the Autumn Star Block from Fresh Lemons Quilts, and it was amazing. I set a color scheme as “ocean” and included a few samples. It was really awesome to see everyone’s interpretation and watch the quilt come together piece by piece.


1. Humility- January Block 1, 2. Humility block for do. Good Stitches January 2014, 3. January blocks., 4. January blocks., 5. january_2, 6. january_1, 7. January block 1 #humilitycircle #dogoodstitches, 8. January block 2 #humilitycircle #dogoodstitches, 9. Untitled, 10. Jan Blocks, 11. do.Good Stitches Humility Circle January, 12. Jan Bee Block, 13. Jan2 Bee Block, 14. January Block, 15. January block, 16. Humility block for do. Good Stitches January 2014

Here are all of the blocks that were sent to me, I think, and the ones that don’t show, have a setting on Flickr which doesn’t allow them to be used in the collage. But, you can click on the coordinating link below it and it should take you there.

Once I received all the blocks, around mid February, I started piecing it together immediately. I was really excited to do this quilt!

 January do.Good stitches quilt is pieced!

Then I hurried through basting and got started on quilting. I had a million ideas for this one, but ended up doing an intense quilting design over each block. I realized later on that I never got a great picture of the quilting. 😦

Started quilting!

I’d say the quilting took me about 10 hours total. It really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and I loved the outcome!

Bound, washed and crinkled.

January Quilt

January Quilt

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