A Glam Clam Finish

Glam Clam Quilt

And it’s about time. I have finally finished the Glam Clam quilt (pattern here) I began about four months ago! I cannot believe it took me so long, but I had no less than a dozen other projects going on. In fact, I started this just before I had four wisdom pulled, and I remember cutting the fabrics while still on pain medication from that surgery. Looking back, probably not the best idea, but hey, it’s done now.

I had aimed to go low-volume with this quilt, and I’m glad I did. It’s my first ever low-volume quilt and a few of the fabrics, I wasn’t so sure about but it was a learning experience. I sewed curves! Lots and lots of them. It’s also the second quilt where I wasn’t working for a distinct line of fabric, but rather about 8 different ones. Mixing fabrics isn’t my strength, by far.

Glam Clam Quilt

I went with a bold binding on this quilt since I used low-volume for the front and the infamous Ikea Britten Nummer for the back. I used Waterfront Park Domino Dots in both the purple and teal. I feel like it’s just the right kick I was looking for. Plus, I didn’t know the recipient’s favorite color, so I was guessing. 🙂

Glam Clam Quilt

For the quilting, I did simple organic straight line quilting. I had initially wanted to do something more fancy that differed in each clamshell, but by the time I was able to get to quilting, I was ready for it to just be done. I don’t regret this decision at all and feel like it doesn’t distract from the clamshells themselves.

Glam Clam Quilt

Glam Clam Quilt

Quilt Stats:
Final Size | 58″ x 68″
Fabrics Used | Various low-volume prints, Waterfront Park Domino Dots for the binding, Ikea Britten Nummer for the back.
Thread | Aurifil 50 wt. in White 2024
Batting | Warm and Natural 100% Cotton

16 thoughts on “A Glam Clam Finish

  1. quiltingjetgirl says:

    Beautiful! I love how the straight line stitching is both soft and does not distract but also adds a different (straight line!) dimension to the curves of the quilt. The border colors work really well, too. Congratulations on the finish!

  2. ofelya says:

    i think it’s beautiful. you wrote that mixing fabrics isn’t your forte, but this quilt looks so calm and harmonious… i would say you nailed it 🙂

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