A Garden for the Girls

This year, we aimed to create a small flower and veggie garden for the girls. I’ve grown herbs in pots over the last couple years and have been successful in that, but I wanted to expand our variety this year. We rent so I couldn’t do anything directly in the ground, and our ground isn’t the best for gardening as-is. We still need to remove the last of the rock from our back yard and plant grass for this summer, but it’s slow going.

We got permission to do a small raised bed garden. It roughly measures 6′ long by 4′ wide, but is smaller inside because we used cinder blocks which measure 16x8x8. 28 cinder blocks and about 20 cubic foot of potting soil later plus pro-level Tetris getting everything home in our car, we had a basic raised bed for our garden. It’s nothing fancy but will certainly serve it’s purpose. Like I said, we aren’t pros, and we aren’t good at growing things, so we didn’t want to go all out this year.



I took the family to Home Depot yesterday to pick up some potted veggies to begin with. The girls selected Strawberries (3), bell peppers (4), jalapeños (2), cilantro (1), and then we also got seeds for green onions, walla walla onions, parsley, cucumbers, radishes, and zucchini. I’m not sure we will actually have enough room for all this, but I already have potted basil and green onions so the parsley may go in a pot too once they start sprouting. We also got some flower seeds, though I don’t remember which kinds.


Potting soil


Tater and Bug had a lot of fun planting and getting dirty! We also have a lot to learn about gardening, so I’m sure I could use any helpful hints you can provide!






5 thoughts on “A Garden for the Girls

  1. Amanda says:

    In a bed that size, I would recommend against planting the cucumber and the zucchini. They need lots of space and the vines will overtake the rest of the stuff, choking it out.

    Make sure to check out “companion planting” to see if any of your plants could negatively affect neighboring ones. Nothing is jumping out at me about being problematic but I don’t plant some of what you bought.

    I would keep stuff a bit away from the edges. Concrete can alter the pH of the soil next to it, making it so certain nutrients are unavailable and others are in toxic levels. Especially if you have an alkaline water source. It typically takes a length of time for this to be a concern but something to be aware of.

    Have fun and good luck!

  2. Barbara says:

    An avid gardener, I am so pleased that you are actually “letting” the girls work in the new “raised bed.”

    There are many sites on the net to help you, but it would be wonderful to find someone who gardens in your area for help. They might also share excess produce!

    If you plant the cucumbers & squash close together, they will each take on the others tastes, unpleasant. You can plant them in pots & use a trellis of some sort for them to climb on. Our neighbor children are eating vegetables they have never tasted before because they planted them in our garden.

    Good luck. I am so excited to see budding gardeners at work. Does your area have a municipal garden for residents–no, then be the catalyst, Start One!

    • SmallTownThread says:

      Thank you for the info! I can definitely do the cucumbers and zucchini in pots with trellis’. That’s a less permanent option that we are allowed to do. I can also check out the local garden centers and get more info too but I wanted to get started! I’m so excited for the venture and eventually we will own a house that I can do as many veggies and herbs and such as I can handle!

  3. Jessica says:

    Maybe a bit too late for you, but if you happen to need any dirt, we have a LOT that we pulled from the garden this year. We add a truck load of heat treated manure each year and it was getting too tall so we had to make it level with the grass again. 🙂

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