Modern Tribal [ A Pillow Pattern ]

About a month ago, I started working on my first pattern ever! It took so much time, looking back, but I do believe it was so worth it! It’s a unique design, something sort of indie/tribal. I had to line up some testers (thanks, Lindsey and Nicole!!!!) and write out a 7 page pattern that was clear and concise but also wasn’t just 7 pages of instruction.

Modern Tribal

I had originally created the layout in a different color scheme, and I used Peppered Cotton in Charcoal, along with some Modern Solids II. I loved it a ton, but it gave off a different vibe than I was looking for. So I kept hunting. I happened across April Rhodes’ Arizona line and Nicole and I immediately knew it was perfect!

Then I ran into a problem. It was not released yet. I was lost. Somehow, and now I can’t remember, I thought I’d contact April and see if I could possibly get my hands on a 1/2 yard of a print so that I could make the pillow back. I could order the solids that coordinated with the line from Hawthorne Threads, so that wasn’t an issue, but the prints weren’t due out til almost two weeks after I had planned to release my pattern.

Low and behold, the lovely April wrote me back, and graciously agreed to send me the half yard, BUT ALSO inquired about displaying my pillow and my pattern at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh! Cue screaming and crying. This immediately turned into such a dream and an amazing opportunity that I just couldn’t miss out on! So I waited for the postal service to deliver the fabric… and it took days… and days. I received the fabric Monday, May 12. At 3:15 pm. The postal service doesn’t take deliveries after 3:00 pm so mailing out the completed pillow that day was out… I scrambled to get this pillow done and photographed and added to my pattern, and boxed up, mailed out, OVERNIGHTED TO APRIL RHODES, just so I could be partially in attendance at Quilt Market. PS – Don’t go with UPS when overnighting… WOW. That shipping quote was OUTRAGEOUS!

If you’re at Quilt Market, please send me pics of April Rhodes booth! I can’t wait to see!!!!

Modern Tribal

So, back to my pattern… here it is! It’s released on Craftsy (here) and Etsy (here). You can use coupon code IGFAN on Etsy only, for 20% off the pattern, valid until 5-15-14. It is a digital download. It’s 7 pages of color, instruction, diagrams, and a coloring page!

Modern Tribal

Modern Tribal

Modern Tribal

I just want to say in closing, thank you for your support. My goal for our family is to get a second car this summer and every little bit helps! THANK YOU!!!

8 thoughts on “Modern Tribal [ A Pillow Pattern ]

  1. Joanna Burgarino says:

    What a lovely design! i’m starting to see tribal patterns pop up quite a bit, but yours really caught my eye. The April Rhodes fabric gives it a nice Southwester vibe. Congrats at having it displayed at Quilt Market!

  2. says:

    Sandy, I shared this with a design friend of mine in Tulsa, OK. She’s also an avid sewer, but I don’t believe she’s into quilting. I thought of Kathy when I saw your new tribal design ~ they are really into Southwest. Who knows maybe she’ll share with others. Congratulations on your growing success!!! You deserve it. Hugs, Pam

      • Emma Jane says:

        I have just been playing around with it this morning. My thought is to keep the same block, and use 16 of them to create an 80″ square quilt, with the blocks in the 2nd and 4th rows upside down to play with a secondary pattern. I have only just started playing, but the pattern sketches up quite nicely — I will send you a pic on IG 🙂

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