Chevron Quilt Tutorial

I had a request to write out the steps for the Chevron Quilt I made for a client, so here goes!

Chevron for Colleen

First of all, the quilt I made was a king size, measuring in at 104″ wide by 96″ tall. To create that sized quilt, I used 156 8-1/2″ blocks. Here’s the step by step on how to do your own! And this quilt can easily be sized to fit twin or full or even queen size beds as well. You can also resize the blocks to create a baby quilt!

I recommend starting with graph paper and colored pencils to layout your blocks mentally and on paper so you know which to piece together when the time comes. Number or label each fabric and make sure you stay organized.

quilt planning

Start by determining the yardage you’ll need. For example, on my king size quilt, I wanted 13 rows of different fabrics. That was honestly the hardest part; picking fabrics for the quilt. I cut 12 9″ squares for each row. I determined that I needed almost a full yard of fabric for each row, so that meant 13 yards of fabrics for the front alone. Except one row that had to be fussy cut, in which I bought 2 yards of that particular print.

From each yard, you’ll cut 9″ rows, and then subcut that into 9″ squares.

Cutting diagram

Check this chart for the number of rows and columns for the quilt you want to make. You’ll need to make sure you have enough squares cut.

Blocks Needed


Now you can start getting your blocks ready for piecing. You’ll want to mark a line on each block, diagonally corner to corner, with pencil to create the seam line. You won’t sew on this line. You’ll sew 1/4″ on both sides of it. I recommend chain piecing it to speed it along.

Block Assembly

Refer to your graph paper or diagram to see which pieces you’ll be putting together for each row, and   then place those two pieces right sides together. Sew 1/4″ from the pencil line you drew, on both sides. Repeat with all blocks. Make sure to follow your diagram!!!

Trim Blocks

Next, take your rotary cutter, or scissors, and cut along the pencil line.
Repeat with all blocks.

Press Open

Press all blocks open, seams toward the darker fabric.
Repeat with all blocks.

Once you have pressed all your blocks, lay out your quilt. Make sure all your chevrons line up and everything is in place. Then you can start sewing each row together, one by one, and then press all seams. Next, sew all columns together. You should have a completed quilt top at this point. Finish as desired.

King size quilt layout

King size quilt layout

You can download your own printable tutorial here. Have fun!

16 thoughts on “Chevron Quilt Tutorial

    • SmallTownThread says:

      You will need to create a Craftsy account if you haven’t already, and then you add the coloring page to your cart and check out. It is free so you won’t be paying anything but you will go through a checkout process.

  1. Sarah says:

    Love the tutorial, I like to up-cycle so I’ll be using Aden and Anais swaddle blankets for the front of my quilt can you please suggest a good option for the backing??? Also I’ll be making the twin size, do your measurements allow for overhang???

    Thank you

  2. Rhonda says:

    I’ve never made a large quilt before just for baby quilts. I’m wanting to make a full size chevron quilt. In just 2 colors for my grandsons 3rd Birthday. But have no clue how much fabric I would need ! How do I figure how much?

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