A Mustang Pillow

I’ve been signed up for this swap on Flickr called the Handmade Birthday Club and what that entails is, on each person’s birthday month, we send them a little something handmade. It’s a fun swap to say the least. I received some very amazing gifts for my birthday month!

A while back, Amanda of Westwood Acres set up preorders for Cotton + Steel’s new upcoming lines that are releasing next month. I preordered August and Mustang, my absolute favorites. I’ll eventually order all the basics that coordinate as well, since they’re just perfect! I hadn’t known she would be picking some of the preorders for early delivery. A few days later, I received notification that my order had shipped! I was confused considering both bundles don’t release until July of this year. Two days later, I received my Mustang bundle. It was so much more gorgeous in person than I could have ever imagined.

Mustang FQ Bundle

I stashed the bundle for a few weeks, waiting for the perfect project. Then it came. My friend Lindsey of Happier Than a Bird Quilts was having a birthday in June. She had to opt out of the Handmade Birthday Swap at the last-minute because of prior commitments but we still wanted to send her gifts. She didn’t know this would be happening. She had no idea at all. (Insert evil laugh here.)

We all got together and donated some money towards a gift card for her girls, and then we set about making our handmade gifts for her. This was a fun secret to keep. 😉 I knew she preordered Mustang as well, and since her birthday was before it released, (and she better love me for this) I CUT INTO MY BUNDLE! I shared my beloved Mustang fabric with her. Just for her birthday. She means a lot to me, so I really didn’t even think twice about it. She’s been such a godsend multiple times and I’m ever so grateful for her friendship.

Mustang Pillow

So, here goes. I used the Flower Box pattern from Vanessa Christenson but I only used one of the blocks. Lindsey had one that she preferred and sent me a picture of, which a perfect color scheme (for her, that I ignored haha) and set about cutting up fabric, sewing seams, and creating. This pillow went together really quickly, much faster than I originally planned for.

Mustang Pillow

As you can see here, some of the fabrics have a great metallic ink. Not too much, just right, and it really is the perfect mint color, too! I did a crosshatch quilting on the outer parts of the block and then just did a simple outline on other parts.

Mustang Pillow

Mustang Pillow

On the backside, I used my favorite print. The BEES!! They’re made of hearts, people. Seriously. SWOON!

Mustang Pillow

Mustang Pillow

So that’s it! If you haven’t checked out Cotton + Steel yet, run, now.


Pillow Stats:
Final Size | 16″ x 16″
Fabrics Used | Cotton + Steel Mustang by Melody Miller, Kona Snow.
Thread | Aurifil 50 wt. in White 2024, and various other colors to match.
Batting | Warm and Natural 100% Cotton

3 thoughts on “A Mustang Pillow

  1. Lindsey says:

    I do love you for it!! I couldn’t believe you gave up the bees for the back, that print is so awesome!!
    And you are awesome! I appreciate the wonderful gift from you and all of the ladies in the group. You made a hard birthday very special! =)

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