The Weekender and the Super Tote

I finally finished up two bags that have been on my list since my birthday, so end of March. It took me forever only because I’ve also had a lot of other things going on, and well, client items come first. So once those were all completed, I finally got to do some selfish sewing.

First up, the Amy Butler Weekender.

Weekender Tote - Done.

Let me just say, I read multiple blogs saying this bag was difficult and hard and stressful and time-consuming and even expensive. I thought they were all exaggerating.

That was not the case. They were all very accurate.

Weekender Tote - Closeup.

This bag was a nightmare. It was definitely expensive. It was definitely stressful, time-consuming, difficult, and many other expletives. I’m familiar with the Peltex it calls for. I’ve used it many times, and I know how to handle it and sew it. This bag totally kicked my butt, especially with all the Peltex.

The only modifications I made to the pattern, were instead of solid side panels and pockets, I pieced my own using Fox Field by Tula Pink that was a birthday gift from my Aunt Linda. Then I quilted those onto a layer of duck canvas, for rigidity. Then I fused the Peltex to the panels as called for. THe other change was making the straps longer so they could go over my shoulder, which meant changing the length from 48″ to 60″. I am glad I did this, as they’re now the perfect length.

Weekender Tote - Inside

Weekender Tote - Overview


Next up, I have my second Noodlehead Super Tote. I didn’t get pics of my first one and it’s currently in my car holding extra clothes and wipes for the girls. This bag is a breeze. It has a lot of pieces but goes together well.

Super Tote - Done

I used Melody Miller Ruby Star in a linen blend that I was gifted from Nicole, as well as Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in black for the sides, and then Chicopee by Denise Schmidt for the accents and lining.

Super Tote - Closeup

4 thoughts on “The Weekender and the Super Tote

  1. chelsey says:

    I have the Super Tote pattern and will start it soon! Glad to see you like it so much that you made a second one! love the fabrics used in both bags!

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