A little EPP…

I have tried English paper piecing in the past and haven’t gotten far. It’s too tedious for me I think. However, I recently gave it another shot. I downloaded the Wafers pattern from Nellie’s Niceties on Etsy (and for just over a buck, you can’t go wrong!) and immediately cut out fabrics for pieces. I stuck with Anna Maria Horner and then added some indigo chambray for the other shaped pieces.


It took me about four hours total to get all my pieces assembled so that I could start piecing the top. I had a pillow cover in mind, and needed to hurry since it’s for the handmade birthday club I’m part of. And her birthday is very very quickly approaching. 😳


After one night, that’s all the progress I made. I think I’m the slowest person I know at hand sewing. My hands end up cramping, my thimble was waging a war, and I quit for the night. The next morning, I came back at it with a better attitude and a fresh spirit. And lots of coffee.


Day two- and still not finished. I’m sure I was being completely unreasonable in my time expectations for this project considering my lack of EPP experience. Like I said, I don’t have any a lot of patience.

But I stuck with it… And very slowly it came together. Just today I finally finished the pillow top. Now I need to baste it, quilt it, trim it up and add a zippered backing for the pillow cover. ☺️


4 thoughts on “A little EPP…

  1. BARBARA says:

    I love the random placements of the pieces & know that your gift will make your honoree so very pleased & excited. Now, you can say, “Yes, I’ve EPP experience & have done very well with it!” I am now encouraged to give it a try–do you know if you can buy the paper pieces already cut out?

    • SmallTownThread says:

      I think for this particular pattern, no, there are no precut pieces. She does include the pattern pieces and I cut 8 sheets of the kite shapes and about four sheets of the shield shape for this pillow cover.

  2. Hayley says:

    It looks lovely and yes, I think you are being unrealistic with your time expectations! Or perhaps I am super slow. I like to do mine while watching tv but it does take a while. Anyway, each time you do it will be faster πŸ™‚

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