The [Lella Boutique] Cottage Canopy

DSC_1562_edited copy

I was recently commissioned by a mom in Australia, to make a Cottage Canopy from Lella Boutique. It’s an adorable little tent! I guess I shouldn’t say little; it’s 96″ tall and then almost 36″ wide. It’s pretty large, actually. But anyways, the client picked the fabrics and chose all her fabrics from the Into the Woods collection by Lella Boutique. I hadn’t seen these in person prior to the order, and wasn’t in love with them initially. However, after getting my hands on them, they’re quite striking and fun!

The details in the pattern, really make this canopy work! The adorable scalloped edge, the flat-felled seams on everything (nice clean looking seams), the fabric, the trims…etc. It’s all really gorgeous!


This canopy, overall, from cutting to finishing, took me about 12 hours total. I was going slow and taking my time, because honestly, it’s quite hard to wrangle 10+ yards of fabric sometimes. Also, on the windows, the pattern doesn’t call for top stitching any part of it. I’ve worked with Peltex many times and know that with some messing around, it’s not going to stay fused for long. I opted to topstitch around each window pane and window. I feel like it’ll last much longer that way. Other than that, the pattern was well written and easy to follow. I think I need to make one of these for my girls in the next year.

DSC_1561_edited copy

DSC_1533_edited copy

DSC_1520-Edited copy

I kind of really want one of these for myself, as well. Think the man of the house would mind?! 😉

2 thoughts on “The [Lella Boutique] Cottage Canopy

  1. Janet says:

    I’ve been commissioned to make one of these too! And I had exactly the same thought about the windows. I’m also planning to topstitch around the edges.
    Yours looks lovely!

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