Mini Quilt Swaps…

Typically, I sign up for as many mini quilt swaps as I can find. However, with some major life changes going on this year, that’s no longer possible. My time has become rare and the little I have, I’d prefer to sew things I like or need or want, instead of just to give away. Not that I don’t mind!, but sometimes, it’s just time to sew for myself.

The last swap I was involved in was the Tula Pink Mini Quilt Swap. I LOVE Tula fabrics. LOVE LOVE LOVE. There are few exceptions, so I had to sign up for this one! My partner was new to sewing and quilting and coveted the rare, hard to find much older lines of Tula. I had no luck finding these, nor were they nearly in my price range. Yikes!


I ended up pulling fabrics from the lines I did have, and creating a rainbow of sorts. I had no idea where to start, really. This mini stumped me for quite awhile. I put it off til the last minute and then I just had to get it done. Even deciding on a background fabric was hard for me. I think I was having a tough time at life itself, and that was pushing through to my creativity as well. I’m still struggling on a day to day basis lately.



In the end, I chose Kaufman Yard Dyed Essex in Black. It’s really my favorite background fabric EVER. I use it quite often! I laid out the colored squares so that each had some breathing room and then basted, and got to quilting. I chose to do simple straight line quilting that intersected. I typically go for free motion but felt this one needed something much simpler.



The backside, is definitely my favorite! I created the label with Photoshop and my some iron on transfer paper from Dharma Trading Co. I’ve never used it before and can’t say I love it either. It didn’t transfer my image in some spots and the paper is quite pricey. I’ll play around and try it again sometime, but at this point, I was running out of time to get the mini done. I used some of my personal favorite prints for the backing and my recipient LOVED it. She said the back was as beautiful as the front.

I only have one more swap slated for this year, the Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap. I’ve got some ideas floating around for that one, and I’ll probably wait til the last minute to get that one done, too. 😉



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