I promise I’m still around!


Where do I start? The last six months has been quite a roller coaster of changes! I’m working full time now, which means a lot less sewing time and it’s become limited to nights and weekends. But working full time is quite exhausting, so at night, I’m sewing thinking about sewing and coming up with lots of ideas. However, by the time the girls go to bed, I’m just plain tired. Even my weekends have become a cycle of grocery shopping, cleaning, getting the dog out, and never-ending laundry. I wish at times, that I could go back to being a stay at home mom, but I know I can’t and really, prefer not to. I love working! I kinda love the feeling of being so tired! I’m definitely sleeping better, and the kids are doing such much at daycare that I know they aren’t bored and missing me.


Back in May, a friend asked me to contribute something to a fundraiser for the local library. I created this mini and it was totally a challenge for me because it’s outside my normal style! I mean I totally love it and want to make another! The pattern is from Michelle Wilkie and was featured on the SewMamaSew blog. It went together so very quickly and picking fabrics was my favorite part. I’m not sure what the mini quilt finally sold for but I was happy to get it done in time, because it was looking iffy there for a while.


In June, I participated in an Alison Glass mini quilt swap and received these ADORABLE dolls for my girls from Karen and they were immediately loved! I also received an awesome mini quilt, too! I LOVE the color teal and she got this so spot on!


July…let’s see… July was a whirlwind.

It went by far too fast. And now it’s August and my girls go back to school in 2-1/2 weeks. Where did the summer go?! I had all these grand ideas of things I wanted to accomplish and places to go and I just never got the time.


We did manage to go see the fireworks! It was our first time going, because quite frankly, keeping them up late enough to see them was just too hard in previous years. They were so excited to do sparklers and watch the big fireworks at the park in our small town. It was filled with “Wow!” and “Oooooh!” and “Did you see that?!” so I’d say it was a great evening. Until the fireworks ended. Then the sprinklers came on and we narrowly avoided getting drenched and I left my phone behind which meant I also had no flashlight to find it and my friend’s husband had to come to the rescue (thanks, Ty)!


We did manage to spend our entire weekends at the park and going fishing, so that was amazing. What all that means, is that sewing became less of a priority for me and my creative energy is zapped. I’ve got all these ideas but seriously, no energy to sew. 😦

Any advice? I wish it would come back. I miss sewing but it doesn’t seem to hold the same satisfaction as it did before.

August… is off to a great start! We attended a wedding shower this weekend and are very excited for the upcoming nuptials. The shower was so much fun and filled with all the interest-inspired awesomeness you could imagine!




See what I mean?! I can’t wait to see the decor for the wedding! I imagine it’ll be just as amazing and adorable! Best wishes to Beth & Brian! Sept 12 is coming up quick!

Anyways, that’s enough rambling for now. I am hoping to force myself back into the habit of sewing each night so I don’t completely lose interest in it. Can’t wait to hear from you all and hope you’re all having a great summer!

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